A lobbyist for the draft law on online poker is legalized in the United States circulated in Washington.

Nevada Senator Dean Heller told the Las Vegas Review Journal that he had been informed on the bill of Caesars Entertainment Corp lobbyist Haley Barbour, the former governor of Mississippi and chief of the Republican Party.

Caesar, who you WSOP.com online poker site operates in Nevada and New Jersey, allegedly wrote the bill. The law would only allow and prohibit other types of poker casino games, reports the newspaper.

Heller, however, the newspaper said, the topic is still taking shape in Congress, and there is no rush to embrace a particular invoice.

“There is something in circulation”, the Heller Review Journal said. “I did not, I’m not wearing, and I do not think Senator Harry Reid office will either wear it.”

Heller and Reid as a team on online gambling, which has set off a contentious debate in the casino industry works. For example, the American Gaming Association, the industry lobby group, recently announced it was withdrawing from the debate.

“We will treat it like any other proposal,” Heller told the paper. “We will take a look, we will read it and determine if it is something we can support. I want to get all these ideas on the table at once and move in the appropriate direction.”