Video poker is a popular casino game based on five-card poker that is available in almost all online casinos. Video poker is often the best choice for second degree wagering requirements after blackjack and blackjack variations.

Rules and Play

The player has 5 cards from a deck. He chooses which cards to hold and discard, then pulls back for the final touches. The final hand will be paid after a specified payout table. The higher the rank poker, the higher the return. Pay tables vary depending on the video poker variant and number of coins. You must usually put 5 coins in order to get the maximum payout for a Royal Flush. Some of the most common variants are Jacks or Better (a pair of Jacks or higher paid), Joker Poker (is played with 53 cards, Joker Wild) and Deuces Wild (2s are wild). Most casinos also offer multi-hand variations, so you can play many hands at once.

After a hand is completed, give some casino software gives you the chance to double your win in a war-like game. The dealer and player both draw a card. If the player’s card is higher, the prize is doubled. If the dealer’s card is higher, the player wins nothing. If the player and dealer tie, the original prize is returned. You can double in succession to reach the maximum profit. This is one of the few bets in the casino without a house advantage. Doubling can be useful if you are trying to reach a target gain for a sticky or ClearPlay Bonus. If doubling counts towards the wagering requirement, it can be used to dramatically reduce the expected loss per unit to be set. Note that video poker double rooms can be limited in the T & C. The game can not count towards wagering requirements or can be a total of forbidden when playing a bonus. A summary of the two studies of 300 double rooms with Microgaming 100 game Jacks or Better is below:


1 SD Range
1st attempt

2nd Test



132.5 to 149.8



132.5 to 149.8



13.6 to 21.7

Strategy & pay tables

You can use the video poker strategy calculator to verify optimal strategy for a particular hand. The computer sends the EV of the best strategy decision, as well as the second best alternative. The links below list strategy written summaries and payout tables for several video poker variants. Microgaming Viper casino video poker strategy to an “auto-hold” function is programmed. Unfortunately, this useful function is not available due to its low house edge for the game All Aces. In the period between December 2006 and April 2007 Microgaming AutoHOLD strategy had some serious bugs in the game Tens or Better. From July 2007, Tens or Better AutoHOLD now seems to work correctly.

Variance and the use of

Video poker is often one of the lowest house advantage playing at the casino. In some cases, it has a lower house edge than Blackjack. However, I recommend choosing Blackjack on video poker if both games are due to the high variance of video poker. To perform a play video poker wagering requirements, your balance will decrease until you get a high ranking hand and have a great victory. For example, in the All Aces expected of you, 4 Aces or Royal Flush 1 in every ~ 4000 to get hands. You will get a huge gain in the rare hands, but in the other hands 3999 to ~ 12% reduces the expected return. You can minimize this variance, and often to an acceptable level by. Power Play poker with many hands and a small bet Note that you need to bet 5 coins for the full reward. Unfortunately, multi-hand All Aces usually do not have a small bet size alternative.

The first table lists the standard deviation with a variety of video poker games. The numbers indicate how far you are likely to benefit from the expected profit if you play a different video poker wagering requirements are. If the standard deviation is listed as 4.42, then the expected range, the final returns after completing a wagering requirement 4.42x larger than a game with a standard deviation of 1.0 ~, such as roulette. The second table lists the standard deviation per unit with other popular casino games set for the comparison. For example, the first table is the standard deviation of the 25-Hand Jacks or Better as 1.63. This is roughly the same as the standard deviation per unit of casino Hold’em set in the second table. So 25 hand jacks or better with a total bet of $ 5 ($ 0.05 per hand) has roughly the same expected variance as $ 5 hands of Casino Hold’em. See the payment calculator for standard deviation estimates with modified payout tables and the return & variance calculator for expected range of return while playing a bonus.