Ultimate gaming that the online gambling markets in New Jersey and Nevada has announced improvements and new features for its Ultimate Poker and Ultimate Casino Internet gambling services has been poor.

Ultimate says it has the geolocation method for players in Nevada and New Jersey to improve and strengthen their Wi-Fi access in both states. Players are now able to ultimate sites without the need for cell phones, the company said.

In New Jersey, is the ultimate casino-only Ultimate Poker in Nevada has added 25 new games of Amaya Gaming and has a new mobile application that launched designed specifically for iOS users.

Ultimate Poker has new features such as hand history that the player to previous hands-and a time bank that gives players more time to see to make decisions recorded.

Ultimate Poker players can also color code their opponents, see Tournament Re-Buy and Add-On display in the lobby and win on a car bonus feature, track and receive bonuses in real time.

Nevada players now have the ability to make deposit and pay with a Prepaid Debit Card Ultimate so far only in New Jersey.