If you’ve ever given have build your online poker bankroll a serious shot, you’ve probably come across the world of bonus whoring. But for those who are struggling with low stakes or never heard of it, what are poker bonuses and how do they work?

Well, give almost every online poker room on the net today, a kind of bonus for new members. This can be anything from 50% up to $ 100, 100% up to $ 300, 200% up to $ 200, etc. offer bonus whoring takes your bankroll deposit on a website that a match bonus offers, earn the bonus, withdrawal, then move to the next page. You repeat this process until you have exhausted all possibilities, which is actually pretty rare. The aim of this is to help the phase of growing your bankroll. It is a fairly simple process, and one that should never be overlooked.

Just to show how much this can help a new player, I’m going to share a personal experience. When I first started playing online poker in 2005, I had about 500 dollars. Like most new players, I was not very good, and the growth of the bankroll was quite difficult, with lots of ups and downs. But then I decided to take this $ 500 and move it. Websites Starting with Party Poker, they offered a 20% up to $ 100 bonus. I created an account through my $ 500 on there, and started grinding. Your bonus was pretty easy to remove, and even if I end up losing $ 30 at the tables, I ended up + $ 70. I then went to Empire Poker, offered in 20% up to $ 100 bonus. This time I ended up $ 20 at the tables, but was + $ 120 bonus. I saw how much potential it had, so tried the 100% up to $ 50 on PokerStars. I ran pretty bad and came below $ 10, but still finished + $ 40 when I completed the bonus.

So my $ 500 bankroll was now $ 730! Without these bonuses, my bankroll would have been $ 480, because I had actually lost $ 20 total while playing. That is a difference of $ 250, to earn my bankroll by 50%, because all bonuses increased. I continued my journey and before I knew it I was sitting with 1,000 and only had actually $ 75 total to play poker.

However, all bonuses are not equal, and factors such as time and the size of your bankroll, you can limit. If a bonus from a poker site that you immediately not only the free money. Almost all the rooms you need to play a certain amount of raked hands to collect as many points per $ 1, $ x or pay in rake. For example, if a poker room offering a 100% up to $ 100 bonus, and you had to play 100 raked hands for $ 10, you would behind at least $ 100 and 1,000 raked hands to earn your full bonus amount. Almost all bonuses have a time limit, in the range of 30 – 90 days, so that you can also check whether would be able to make it fast enough.

If you are a winning player, you may think there are sounds, it is not worth the effort, or is it just for noobs. This is definitely not true, because bonuses can make players lose winner, and make successful players even more money. Someone not interested with a $ 5,000 bankroll, collecting an additional $ 50 would be here or there, but there are some bonuses that you can find for $ 1,000 or more.

Online poker bonuses are a great help when it comes to building your bankroll. Although it is not quite so easy these days, since the UIGEA and some sites ban U.S. players, but bonuses can still be found. If you are fighting a new player, I suggest, in which you move your bankroll and earn some free bonus money!