When playing poker you are likely to hear the term “Bad Beat” from time to time. This term is used to describe the situation in which a player who has what looks to be a good and potentially winning hand, but still loses. This usually happens when the player bets looks at his strong hand and the opponent, a bad hand, despite which he bet to win and at the last minute pulls the cards for the victory needed. Although there is no real consensus among the players, what works and what does not fall into this category, it is a common occurrence more than most want to admit.
Different Types of Bad Beats

There are different types of bad beats in poker. But, the general consensus seems to be of the opinion that the player with what seems to be losing propose an impossible hand. In most cases, the hand that wins, is one that has never played in the first place. More often than not, the food player is someone who is relatively new to the game. These players often lack the ability, knowledge and experience to recognize the hand that they play no real chance of winning. Perhaps it is this lack of knowledge, the courage to try them again and again.
Unsound Play

In a given scenario, the inexperienced player will make a game that is mathematically unsound. He is the hand that he has, although he does not call the best hand, or that the implied pot odds or stacked against him. Although everything against him, nor the player ends up winning the hand. Maybe he is lucky, two cards in a row he needs to pull convert a losing hand into a winning one. A perfect example can be seen in Texas Hold ‘Em poker, where the player has a card on the train and the next he must on the river that can form it around a flush or a straight.
Losing to a better hand

In another situation, a player has a very strong hand and starts betting it rightly. But what he does not know is that it happened another player in the game that have a stronger. This situation was played in a number of well-known films such as Casino Royale and The Cincinnati Kid. In these two films, one player has a full house, which is usually a strong winning hand. However, both lose to a player with a straight flush. In this type of situation that could beaten by the stronger hand can not be avoided, as the first player, which usually as a virtually unbeatable hand than the chances of another player a straight flush are very poor.
Online Bad Beats lead to accusations

While there is usually no way to stack multiple decks in a casino poker game, online poker rooms, often manipulated, if this type of loss occurs are accused. Since online poker gambling rooms use to deal with random number generators, the cards, the chances of legitimate games that manipulated practically nil. Many of the more reputable sites now post their statistical data on their sites as random hands are treated players are showing. Part of the problem is more hands are dealt per hour online, increases the chances of this situation. Some online gambling sites even offer special jackpots for those who beat a strong hand with an even stronger.
Dealing with Bad Beats

No one likes to lose, but to a serious poker player there is nothing worse than bad beats. However, this is to play a normal part of poker and something likely to make at some point in time every poker player is. Remember, though, the chances of losing in this way are very small. Overall, you are going to be far more common with a good, strong hand, than you lose to win. There are always these new players, the hands that have the slightest chance of winning simply bet is because they do not know better.

Bad Beats occur when a poker player has what he believes, a hand, do not lose the bets accordingly and can only be beaten by a stronger hand or a “miracle” of the hand. In most cases, inexperienced players are willing to join hands, probably not stand much chance of winning, and then draw two cards for the victory are required to bet. In even rarer cases it happens when a really strong hand like a whole house is trumped by a straight flush.