Online poker went in opposite directions in two of the three U.S. iGaming States.

The numbers show Nevada Gaming Control Board published that online poker generated $ 862,000 in sales in May by 8.8 per cent compared to $ 792,000 in April.

The month of May is the second highest revenue was generated month for online poker in Nevada behind only $ 926,000 in March. The amount is 49 percent higher than the amount collected from internet poker May 2013.

A large part of the increase is attributed to that has launched several traveling cross-promotion campaigns with live World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in life. Players were given a surface Rio for online games at the event at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas.

In addition, the players were able to compete online on the website WSOP both Nevada and New Jersey, seats, earning various WSOP events.

Online gambling figures for May have been showing mixed Delaware, that game was, but casino revenue was down.

After the Delaware lottery, casino and poker revenues were both down sharply from April, but the casino handle he set amount of money from the players as keen on.

The total profit for the month was $ 175,602. The casino win was $ 118,131 by 29 percent from April. Poker rake was $ 57,470 by 22 percent.

However, table game bets were up to $ 9,000,000 from April $ 5.5 million, suggesting that the players just won more often in May.

Online poker traffic remains slow with Delaware Online room an average of only six players at a specific point in time. The state is a compact adopted in the hope that players with Nevada to share in the coming months.