There is a group of players as “advantage player” or “advantage player” (AP), the only play when the odds are known for their benefit. Most casino games are designed to have a “home advantage”. This means that the mathematical odds are in the favor of the casino. That is why casinos are so profitable. Advantage players find opportunities where they can turn the odds in their favor and hit some casino games can. This is not viable at all casino games and it is certainly not easy, but it is possible. Here are some of the most common ways the AP gain an advantage over the casinos.

Blackjack is probably the best known of the positive expectation games in the casino. There have been many books written and made films about advantage card counters. These players use a system of counting cards, betting and gaming engine that allows them to gain an advantage. This system removes the house edge and the opportunities for the benefit of the player. Card counting takes time to master and can be difficult to implement in the casino environment. See: Learn more about blackjack card counting.

The casinos have a built-in advantage in sports gambling. The edge comes from the vigorish, or “vig”. This is a 10 percent premium, which is paid to the casino. It’s almost like a tax for the opportunity to place a bet. A disadvantage is 10 percent hard to beat, but there are players that certain sports bets that put to find the odds in their favor. The chances or “line” of casinos in certain sporting events are not fixed mathematical probabilities. Although the “lines” are often based statistically, there is a certain element of subjectivity, the players look to take advantage. You can find vulnerabilities in the “lines” and use this to negate the weaknesses “vig”.
Video Poker

Many people think of video poker as a game similar to slot machines. While it is played on a similar machine, video poker can be played with skill. In fact, if the right game is played with mathematical certainty, the player can have the advantage over the casino. Advantage video poker players only play what is known as a positive expectation games. These games can be played with a payout ratio above 100 percent. They are also casino “comps” and opportunities to their advantage to promote. See: Learning to play how to perfect video poker.

The biggest difference between poker and the rest of these games is that poker is played against other players. The casinos are a percentage of the pot known as a guaranteed “the rake.” Players compete against each other, not against the casino. To have the advantage at the poker table, you have to be around only better than those around you. Of all the games, poker has probably the most chances for those who want to be players the benefits.
Horse racing

Betting on horses can be carried out with an advantage. Similar to sports betting, AP “handicap” to quantify horse races and predict the outcome. It’s built a pretty significant advantage to the chances of each race. Horse racing is hard to beat, but there are a few who have already been successful over a long period.
Other games

There are other games and techniques that can be played with a lead in certain situations. For example, sorting edges in baccarat and other card games, hole-carding in various casino card games, card counting side bets, and shuffle tracking can be played with an advantage. Most of these techniques are not generally known to the public and are used only by a very small percentage of players.

There are certain games that can be played with a statistical advantage. Advantage gambling often requires a great deal of skill and knowledge, but it is possible in certain situations. Most casino games are heavily weighted in favor of the house, but there are a few situations in which advantage, players can put the odds in their favor.