Antigua continues his case in the World Trade Organization, the United States simply to ignore WTO opinions that it is illegal to block Antigua-based online gambling sites accepting U.S. players make.

But Antigua officials still have not told that to use an approved counter sanctions by the WTO, namely stopping the right to protection of U.S. copyrights.

Antigua and Barbuda again, because it will change its laws or to pay in a World Trade Organization case, it is for blocking online gambling business the island nation lost the United States levied.

Antigua has the right, not $ 21 million per year in U.S. copyright protection for each year the U.S. blocks their gaming services under a previous ruling. But for the WTO Dispute Settlement Body, the officials did not say that they would use the drug of the cross retaliation.

In its statement, Antigua complained that the United States, despite previous WTO rulings that the U.S. cost the country approximately $ 21 million per year through actions that make online that compliance with the decision is optional, and has failed, a payment to Antigua to make gambling illegal on international locations in the U.S.

“The simple excuses in the past are presented completely unfounded, and the United States as well as every other member of this committee know,” Antigua said statement. “We understand that this is staged everything to frustrate us cause us to tires and sneak away into oblivion.”