Blackjack is the most popular table game in the casino. That was not always the case. The popularity grew as a player discovers that in order to beat a path the game. With a method for counting cards, the player could actually have the advantage over the house. Thanks to several publications, the average blackjack player has to be aware that the game was beatable. Here are three books about blackjack card counting, which affects the game more than any other.
Beat the Dealer

This book forever changed the game of blackjack. Mathematician Edward Thorpe was the first person to show that Black Jack was able to beat with a system known as card counting. In 1962, Beat the Dealer was released and quickly made its way onto the bestseller list of the New York Times. Than to spread word throughout the gambling community, casinos began to panic. They started quickly make various rule changes to ensure that counting cards would not be effectively played in the game. The public pushed back and stopped blackjack, because all changes in the play. The casinos were forced to restore many of the older rules. No single book has ever had such a profound effect on the gaming industry.
Million Dollar Blackjack

Ken Uston graduated from Yale and went on to get an MBA from Harvard. He decided to take to card counting and was a key member of some of the most successful card counting teams in history. His books were the first, which is what is known as “the great players.” This was a method used by his blackjack team, in order to conceal that they count cards the fact. Until that time, the casinos were unaware of this technique. Al Francesco, the mastermind behind “the big players”, was angry that Uston would release this information to the public. Casinos were soon looking for teams, with this approach, but it was much more difficult to detect than a lone card counter.

Million Dollar Blackjack, many of the tactics that Uston and his team to beat the casinos. Many of these techniques are still used by blackjack team today. Uston’s teams were pioneers play in blackjack team and this book will explain exactly how they did it.
Burning the Tables in Las Vegas

Ian Anderson wrote the original book, Turn the Tables on Las Vegas and later revised and updated it with the title Burning the Tables in Las Vegas. This book focuses on the ability to become a professional card counter without the use of a team. It presents card counting as a lucrative profession that could possibly get an individual by mastering the methods of counting cards and using different techniques of camouflage. Mr. Anderson’s unique approach focused on longevity as a card counter rather than short term success. The countermeasure techniques disclosed in this book groundbreaking at the time and are still relevant. Any attempt to be a solo card counter should read this book.

Each of these books had a profound impact on the blackjack players and casinos around the world. They helped revolutionize the game of blackjack and create future generations of players trying to beat the game.